Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hurray for me! I got a class to teach for Summer Term A. I'll be teaching Photoshop Level 1 for six weeks. The class is Tuesday and Thursday 6-9PM, perfect for me (!). It's on the main campus, Ft. Pierce, which is a 30 mile drive (less than it was for Davie-Boca Raton). This is just the beginning.

The head of the graphic design dept. is really thrilled to have me teaching with them. And it is such a joy for me to be back teaching. The college is about to become a four year institution and they will need lots of instructors that know what it's all about. I just wish I had my MFA and I may have come up with a way to get it. I only have two more semesters (if I take 8 credits each) and I could have my degree. The degree with Capella will take me two years to complete and won't give me the degree I really need to become permanent, but would let them at least hire me full time. It is a dilemma.

I will have to wait and see if I get a reliable car in the next month or so. If I do, then I can think about commuting to Boca for my MFA. Since I've worked out a lease with Gino & Lou to be able to stay until October 31st, I'm a little more grounded in making plans. Everything just keeps working out for me. I'm very grateful and I continue to meditate and manifest. Outrageous Mastery!!

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