Tuesday, June 30, 2009


They do work. Perception is reality. I am healthy. I enjoy exercising every day. Every cell in my body is whole and vital. I easily maintain my perfect body weight. Believe it...Be it!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Hi, all you animal lovers! Click to feed rescued animals!

This is pretty simple... Please ask ten friends to each ask a further ten today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'Click Here to Give. It's Free!'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.
Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


While going through the 600 bulletins on the Bulletin Board (BB) at Tagged.com (an online community) early this morning, I came across a notice to report and ban a member because "he's a sick f**k" and to look at his profile was "not for the faint of heart." Considering myself quite stoic and strong-willed, I clicked on the link in the bulletin to see what was so controversial.
This member has posted a picture of a dead (and mutilated) soldier as his profile picture. He has also posted many more graphic images of mutilation and acts of war. These are ugly and profound. I am conflicted in how I feel about his right to express his opinion in a public forum and the sensitivity of exposing the public to such graphic images without a warning (other than the person who posted the link on the BB). I expressed this conflict in my statement of the day: "Lark the Shark (Mafia Wars) is conflicted over the outrage on the BB. A member has posted pics of the horror of war. Free speech is what our troops are fighting for over there."
I prepared myself for a flood of venom directed towards me, but so far I've only gotten this email conversation, much to my pleasant surprise:
K: I think there is a diff between freedom of speech and disrespect. The pics he has on there are horrible. I understand freedom of speech, but I just really have a problem just plastering pics of a dead soldier.
Mass public opinion will ban him from the sight. Those that rally the support will fight him until he gives up and goes somewhere else to express his opinion (or cause outrage). And it is my opinion that the US government disrespects us in not giving us the truth. With the media's support, we are manipulated and lied to all the time. I saw it and now I choose not to ever look at his profile again. Not to give him validation. Not to engage him. All that does is fuel his need for attention and controversy. He does have the right to express his opinion on a public forum, no matter how much I object. I certainly don't want to see his pictures. I'm a visual artist and anything I SEE is in my brain forever. But there is no denying that while I object to war, I can still support our troops being over there and doing whatever it takes to secure our freedoms here. There are always atrocities in war. No one escapes blame. But our country is based on the freedom to disagree, to have an opinion opposite of the popular, and to demand accountability (whether we get it or not). There should be some kind of a warning, if he invites someone to his site. This should be put in place by the site managers. When you get to his page, it should say that there is graphic material, just as it should say for some of the profiles that have pornographic images in their comments and tags. But someone performing a sexual act is not filtered any more than the picture of the dead soldier. I am in conflict.
K: You make some very good points. I wish I hadn't seen what I did. I keep seeing it over and over in my head. I am purely disgusted by it. but you are right. He has the right but I still clicked report profile. Thank you for sharing your views on this. You helped me see this in a diff light.
Thank you for being an intelligent, open-minded person. I am sometimes afraid to take a stand because of all the extremists out there. It's scary to have an opinion that doesn't march with the crowd. We don't want to see the ugly side of life, the cruel, the grotesque...if war is softened and presented as righteous...when will it ever stop? Have you ever seen the pictures from the Nazi concentration camps? I was in 8th grade when I saw a documentary on it. THOSE images are still in my head, just as if I saw them today. Just because I don't want to look at it, doesn't mean it's not there.
K: That is very true. We as a society have become very desensitized and it's sad. I don't want to become callous to the horrors that happen. But I also don't want to just turn my cheek at it either. Activisim is something I feel very strongly about, I just have never taken a political stand. It's always been for the animals.
I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.
Thank you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just when you think things are going along smoothly, you discover that your "free trials" have expired and your account has been charged $150!! Paying attention to the details CAN save you money.

All I wanted was white teeth without spending $500-1000 at the dentist. Two "free trials" later I'm looking at two charges, one for $58 and one for $89 and I don't even need the product again if the claims are valid. These products are the advertised claim from a "regular mom" that discovered that by combining TWO teeth whitening products, one used for two weeks, then the other for two weeks...resulted in visibly whiter teeth without the costly visit to the dentist.

I have very little sales resistance when it comes to something I REALLY want. And I REALLY want whiter teeth. I smile a lot...a lot! And not having medical coverage for the last 18 years has cramped my seeing a dentist regularly (or any other medical professional, besides the firm belief that they are all drug pushers). So I ordered the two products, paying ONLY the S&H fees totaling a mere $8. The two week "free trial" period began when I ordered one and received the other (like how do they know?). Then I went to see my sister for a week!!! Totally forgetting about the time constraints on the "free trial" period!

This is the pseudo-scam behind the whole thing. They EXPECT you to forget about the trial period. And then when you see the outrageous charge on your account, you get all freaked out and call and are told that "you had two weeks to cancel" and it's "all in the terms and agreement that you agreed to when you ordered." They got you! ALWAYS READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU ORDER ONLINE!

Another tip: Set a reminder on your calendar (Yahoo has one with your email account, use your PDA, cellphone, or hand write it on your wall calendar!!) several days before the expiration of the "free trial" and then two days before and the day before! With all the reminders, maybe you can cancel and not have to pay FULL PRICE.

All of this is to make myself more appealing, and to eventually have more sex. All the watching what I eat, trying to exercise daily and lose weight...all for more sex, and eternally hoping that it leads to a REAL RELATIONSHIP, that includes regular, great sex! Don't we all!

One more thing you can do: Report your card stolen and get it reissued. That way they can't charge your old card any more "membership charges." This solution is a pain in the ass though since you have to change all your automatic charges and payments that you have set up. But sometimes it's the last resort. Happy shopping!


I could say that I've been busy. It has been 12 days since I posted anything. I went to Ft. Lauderdale (140 miles south) for a day to finish up moving my sister's art room to her new classroom for next year. I got there on Monday at sundown and left on Thursday night 11PM, arriving back home at 2AM. My poor cat was VERY pissed off at me for leaving him for so long. So I've been home for a week now. I've been playing Mafia Wars (RPG online game) on Tagged and having phone sex with a guy who lives in California. I met him through playing the game and we just clicked. WTF is wrong with me?

I'm lonely. I'm depressed. I gotta snap outta this.

My plans are to go to a dance on Sunday hosted by a member of POF (Plenty of Fish...and online dating service) and I've booked a room at the Boca Bridge Hotel again. I love this luxury hotel! It's only costing me $40 (priceline.com) for the night. I'm also meeting a contact at the dance who's been playing phone tag with me for a month. We'll see how this goes. I'm not expecting anything.

Monday, June 01, 2009


I'm an artist. I love photography and creating paintings from photographs. The nude body in all it's splender is a beautiful thing. Somewhere along the line, our ancestors decided that looking at the nude body was dirty, evil, reprehensible...so they called it pornography and hid it from view. The Supreme Court defines pornography as "Anything having no artistic value and stimulating sexual thoughts" and as Bill Hicks said in one of his comedy routines..."that defines almost every commercial seen on television!" Sex sells! So are commercials pornography? Is a picture of two people engaging in sex pornography? Are photos of "private parts in various stages of stimulation" pornography? Or is it all just natural...the nature of us as human beings?

I notice that many older female artists go through a phase of erotic expression in their favorite medium. I wonder if this is instigated by the change of life as it has been for me. Georgia O'Keefe and her 'flowers' is a prime example. A former female art professor went through a period of painting penises, in all imaginable forms...incorporated into flowers and landscapes...'popping up' in all kinds of images not related to a nude male body. Some said she did it for shock value. I think it was just experimentation with the taboo society puts on full frontal nudity for men (not as much for women).

Later in life when women start the journey through menopause, creativity is heightened and inhibitions seem to melt away. (I'm just speaking for myself and those I know.) I know that the change has brought about more exploration for me into who I am, what I look like (all of me), and what I want (from life, love, sex, career) and what I want to accomplish. I think more about sex now than when I was 15! I can understand (not condone) why a woman in her mid-thirties would seduce a boy of 13, since menopause can start that early and a woman not even know it or control it. I remember being attracted to the son of a contemporary who was 15 and I was early thirties. I could control my urges but there are some who can't.

I have taken many photographs of myself naked. Many different poses and parts. And I have invited opinion from those I know and trust and have received photos in return too. All reviews have been favorable but I take them with a grain of salt (since they're all men and not all artistic). I am painting a self portrait of one of these nude photos and I think it would be considered not pornographic. Artistic in the same sense as Degas's women at their bathing rituals. But some of my more intimate photos are inspiring to me too and they may be considered porn by some in the art world. Not that I really care (lol).