Tuesday, June 01, 2010


He instant messaged me, "You still love me enough to see me this weekend?" I answered, "Of course"...and then asked lots of questions...when, where, how long a stay...this was the day before a three-day weekend (Memorial Day weekend). My long-distance love was coming to visit after almost a year.

BT (54) lives in the DR and is the GM for a printing plant. Until about a week ago, he had been working for the same company for 8 years. They had finally screwed him over enough and he gave notice but not before making plans to have another job to step into, doing the same thing, in the same area, for a better company. A company that will put his old company out of business. He has a good business brain, and the rest of him is pretty awesome too(!).

SUNDAY: He flew into MIA and drove the 3 hours up to me and finally arrived late Sunday afternoon. Since my car is on its last legs, I hadn't made any plans to drive to Lauderdale to celebrate with family and friends so I was available for this tryst. It was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful 36 hours. He and I went to my bedroom almost immediately, our clothes fell off, and we got re-acquainted! We re-acquainted ourselves on Sunday afternoon/evening twice. It was 9:30PM before we knew it and all the local restaurants closed by then, even on a holiday weekend. So we ordered pizza delivery and watched a movie while we ate.

MONDAY: morning, we had sex again. I made us breakfast and we ate. Later that morning, BT asked what I'd like to do? I said I thought staying here and having sex would be just fine with me unless he had something else in mind he'd like to do. He said that would be fine with him too. :)

We talked about his plans and what happened with his old company. He said that he would be coming to Florida more now with the new job. More like 2-3 times a year, instead of once or twice. Well, any improvement would be welcome. I do love him and as a lover, he's exciting, sensual, determined, generous, patient...and appreciates me for me. Leftover pizza for lunch.

We did take a drive to the beach house. I wanted to show it to him and we needed to go out for an errand anyway. It was a pleasant drive down US1 to Wabasso, then across Rt510 to A1A and north up the beach highway. The house on Amberson Beach was still for rent and the owners weren't visiting. We peeped in through the front door and then went around the back and up the boardwalk to the beach. It was glorious being there with him, sharing my vision for the house as an artist's retreat (& Bed and Breakfast). He liked it and my ideas. We returned to my house and cuddled. I cooked dinner, we ate, watched two movies. Even though he got a monster headache and wasn't up to any sex, it was nice having him there...being with him. I let him nap with his head in my lap and I massaged his head and neck. Cared for him. We went to bed and 'spooned' all night. I don't get much sleep when he visits, since it's much easier to have sex with a man than to sleep with him. I'm just not use to it (but I love to hear him purr/snore).

TUESDAY: We showered together @ 5AM after he shaved (his head, and face-not covered with goatee). I love showering with him. He apologized for not feeling up to sex and I said it was fine. He also realized that it was caused by not having his traction gear for his neck for the past two days. It stretches his neck and he's had almost no headaches since he started using it. Then he quipped that he was aiming for 6' (he's 5'10" now)...I laughed and said that was a reachable goal.

I made him toast and coffee, we kissed one last time, and then he was off to Miami for his meeting at 9AM. He said, "love you" and I said, "I love you too," and watched him back out of the driveway and drive away down the street. All too soon.

If my sex life is to be made up of more than one man, BT certainly fills the 'being in love with no commitment' section. He sees it as Friends With Benefits and I've now started to accept that as all there is going to be. The more I see him, the more I realize that what we have, is what we have. I don't expect anything more of it. And I don't think I want anything more from it.

I continue to search...with the freedom to do so. I like that, and I get great joy from being with and seeing BT. I grab all the joy I can in my life, as it comes along.

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