Saturday, June 19, 2010


Waiting until the last minute to finalize my term paper resulted in the inevitable...the power supply on my computer popped, fizzled, and died before I could save, print, or review the final rough draft. I have only myself to blame.

It was the last week of my current semester and my term paper was due on Friday, June 18th (by midnight Central Time). I had been working on it feverishly since Wednesday to get all the references re-read and placed appropriately. Added the Title page, the Abstract, the Bibliography, and had expanded the three pages I had from the ten pages with citations/quotes. I was all ready to print out the rough draft to read it over and make any corrections or notes and then it happened...!! a loud POP! and the computer shut off...the faint smell of "electric fire" and I quickly pulled the CPU out from the wall and disconnected all the plugs from the back. Oh Shit!!

No! NO! NO!!...not now! Oh, shit...I hadn't saved any changes to my USB drive (flash drive...thumb drive...jump drive...whatever slang name you call it)...I hadn't backed up my term paper since it was an outline. Three days work...gone. No computer. No laptop either. 2AM in the morning...already an hour late in submitting the work. What to do?

Saturday, there was an open lab in my classroom (where I teach, 30 miles away) from 10AM-5PM. So I got some sleep and arrived at 3:30PM to email my professor what happened and beg for an extension. Then I got busy re-writing my term paper. I stayed on campus, in my classroom/lab until after midnight, Sunday AM. Drove home, stopping at the IHOP halfway to have SOMETHING to eat...I was starving after 9 hours in the computer lab. I got home at 3AM Sunday morning and slept until noon. I called a guy I found on Craigslist who deals in used laptops and made a deal for a Powerbook for $400...drove back to Port St. Lucie (35 miles) and picked it up Sunday evening. Now for the long process of setting up a new computer.

Things do work out as long as you don't freak out too much. I relaxed and went with the flow. My professor allowed me until the end of day on Monday to submit the paper. I spent most of Sunday night/Monday morning re-reading and re-writing until I finally got the paper put back together and submitted early Tuesday morning (approx. 2 AM). It wasn't as good as the first paper I wrote but it would have to do.

Tuesday was my "final exam" for the class I was teaching. I brought food & drinks for my students and we reviewed the final projects and printed some...until I realized one of the inks was out and then the paper ran out(!). Oh, well...some students could come back and reprint or I would send them their print if they wanted. Summer terms are not as accessible as other terms. Everybody enjoyed themselves. I had students that stuck around for an hour after the class was over. Most would have been gone the first hour in any other class. That's what I love about teaching much more fun...friendlier...more relaxed, less academic pressure. I love it!

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