Wednesday, August 11, 2010


How many blogs is too many? What if I don't have anything to say? How about if I don't want to say it six times? or even three times? The proliferation of blogging has made it impossible to keep up with postings!

Yahoo and most social networks offer blogs now. Yahoo recently incorporated "live comments" into their email environment and I don't want to post what I'm doing! I'm checking my email!

I started with LJ, then set up a fairly regular blog on (then two more separate ones, totaling three on blogger!). Then I joined (social but overtly adult) which has a place on your profile for 'journal' entries, besides a 'daily comment' box right by your ID. I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and SEVERAL dating sites (all of which have forums and some have blogs on the profiles too). AARP has blogging on your profile (imagine grandma blogging?! well I do!). I'm on LinkedIn and Joined, which are business oriented networking sites, which you can link to your website, social networks, and Twitter accounts!

How much is too much information? Plus the older generation (and the younger one in fact) aren't really aware of who might be "Googling" their name and coming up with all the links to ALL their information. All the snarky remarks that you've vented about your boss on Twitter or Facebook or YOUR BLOG! Venting on the internet with ALL THE WORLD to see!? Not the best idea without some advanced thought about the consequences.

There have already been incidents of people getting fired over information posted on public blogs. I'm sure there have been law suits too (but since I cut myself off from daily assault by the news media, I'm not familiar with any). I post when I can, when I have something to say or something I want to remember. I have never cared if anyone reads what I post, but I have put some thought into who might read it. I don't post what I wouldn't want to see on the "front page of a newspaper" so to speak (since they are a dying media, not that I think print is dead or will ever be). What if all the wireless connectivity were to cease for some reason? Then what? We'd have to find a pen and paper again...

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