Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been going barefoot all my life. Any time, anywhere I could get away with it. I even drive barefoot most of the time. There is now a shoe that was designed for barefooters like me!

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes which are shoes made with five toes like a glove is made for five fingers and they are finally coming into the mainstream. I've seen recent advertising and product placement in a current show (Rizzoli and Isles) on TV. I first saw these amazing shoes from following a link on Tim Ferriss's blog. I love these shoes and as soon as I can afford a pair, I'm ordering them! I am barefoot as much as I can possibly get away with. One of the most disappointing times in my life was when I was a kid and the local grocery store put up the first sign that read "Shoes Are Required, No Bare Feet." It was only to cover liability if someone got injured walking barefoot in their store but I have always been willing to take responsibility for my own decisions. If I stepped on broken glass, it's my fault. This country is too sue-happy and not willing to take responsibility.

We are not meant to stuff our feet into shoes that restrict the natural movement of our toes. Most back problems can be attributed to the wrong kind of footwear. Shoes cause most feet malformations and ailments. Barefoot is more healthy and these shoes allow your feet to be natural and protected. Be kind to your feet, what else are you going to walk on?

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