Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just when you think things are going along smoothly, you discover that your "free trials" have expired and your account has been charged $150!! Paying attention to the details CAN save you money.

All I wanted was white teeth without spending $500-1000 at the dentist. Two "free trials" later I'm looking at two charges, one for $58 and one for $89 and I don't even need the product again if the claims are valid. These products are the advertised claim from a "regular mom" that discovered that by combining TWO teeth whitening products, one used for two weeks, then the other for two weeks...resulted in visibly whiter teeth without the costly visit to the dentist.

I have very little sales resistance when it comes to something I REALLY want. And I REALLY want whiter teeth. I smile a lot...a lot! And not having medical coverage for the last 18 years has cramped my seeing a dentist regularly (or any other medical professional, besides the firm belief that they are all drug pushers). So I ordered the two products, paying ONLY the S&H fees totaling a mere $8. The two week "free trial" period began when I ordered one and received the other (like how do they know?). Then I went to see my sister for a week!!! Totally forgetting about the time constraints on the "free trial" period!

This is the pseudo-scam behind the whole thing. They EXPECT you to forget about the trial period. And then when you see the outrageous charge on your account, you get all freaked out and call and are told that "you had two weeks to cancel" and it's "all in the terms and agreement that you agreed to when you ordered." They got you! ALWAYS READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU ORDER ONLINE!

Another tip: Set a reminder on your calendar (Yahoo has one with your email account, use your PDA, cellphone, or hand write it on your wall calendar!!) several days before the expiration of the "free trial" and then two days before and the day before! With all the reminders, maybe you can cancel and not have to pay FULL PRICE.

All of this is to make myself more appealing, and to eventually have more sex. All the watching what I eat, trying to exercise daily and lose weight...all for more sex, and eternally hoping that it leads to a REAL RELATIONSHIP, that includes regular, great sex! Don't we all!

One more thing you can do: Report your card stolen and get it reissued. That way they can't charge your old card any more "membership charges." This solution is a pain in the ass though since you have to change all your automatic charges and payments that you have set up. But sometimes it's the last resort. Happy shopping!

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