Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As Christmas draws near, I reflect on being alone. I've recently met a very special, sweet guy, BB. He and I are taking it very slow. We are being friends. We talk on the phone several times a week for more than the average time you would expect, considering that most men aren't as verbal as women. BB likes to talk.

We met through an online community and started emailing back and forth for several months. That progressed to a first phone call (which lasted over 2 hours!) which happened about six weeks ago. Then we met for lunch a month ago, with him driving to me (35 miles) and a very enjoyable time getting to know each other.

BB is divorced (12 years), has a 19 yo son who lives with him, and he has trust issues with women (due to his mother's alcoholism). So I understand his approach to this new relationship. He is very spiritual in the same sense as I am, which makes it very easy for us to talk about many subjects. There has been no intimate contact other than some real good hugging and some hand-holding in the movie last night. The hand-holding was very comfortable and endearing. We had gone to see the new movie AVATAR which besides being a feast for the eyes (3-D version highly recommended!), was enjoyable on many levels including carrying an important message to humanity...or in other words, very spiritual. We both enjoyed it immensely because we were there with each other. It is a slight disappointment to view a movie, even if it's entertaining, with someone who doesn't enjoy it (either the movie or the movie experience) regardless of how much you enjoy being together. I may have found my new movie buddy.

In my search for companionship in all it's incarnations, I seem to be making progress. I am not a serial dater and prefer to find all that I need in one man, but barring that, I will settle for finding all that I need in several men. This does not mean that I will be having sex with several men, but it might mean that I will be dating and having sex with more than one man.

How many men out there could accept that if they knew? How many men have done the same while dating several women? I also wonder how many men WOULD want to know?

I know that BB is dating another woman and calls her 'his girlfriend' for the moment. He is not happy with the relationship and wants to end it, but not before the holidays (wouldn't be NICE to breakup with her before Christmas). It's all in what you can live with, I guess.

My wishes for all you out there trying to find someone special is that you be grateful for whatever joy comes your way and eliminate that which causes you discomfort or unhappiness. Greet everyday as the BEST day of your life and joy will fill your days. Do what you love to do and someone special will find you. Imagine you have the life you want and your life will become your dream. Peace & Joy, Health & Happiness...Merry Christmas to ALL!!

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