Wednesday, December 02, 2009


In previous posts I have spoken about the affair I am having with a married man. I have no illusions about it. We discussed the situation before becoming intimate. There will be no romantic love or commitment demands from either of us. Realistically, if love should happen, we are adult enough to know that nothing will come of it. We enjoy each other in the here and now.

He went out of the USA to have some dental work done in his home country (for about 10% of what it would cost here and by a renowned specialist). It turned out that his surgery will be more complicated than first suspected and he has to return in 3 months to complete it, so he came back to the USA 10 days early. I had not seen him in a month. I had really missed him on all levels, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. We talk about a great many subjects and connect on a spiritual level in our beliefs. I know that he has other women that he is intimate with but I don't have to know who or how many, and I don't ask. I do know that he has not had sex with his wife in four months and that she is suspicious of him cheating on her. (I think that would be a 'given' if she does not want to have sex with him.)

He (WS) finally came over to see me. We kissed and embraced as lovers will after a long separation. Our clothes fell off right there ten steps inside the front door as we stood locked in 'welcome' naked passion. Kissing, touching, pure sex, standing up...enjoying the moment. We left our clothes in a pile in the floor and moved to the bedroom, where he took me doggie-style to my great pleasure and his. Afterwards, he flopped on the bed on his back and I hovered over him to further pleasure him with my which he gave out moans of delight and whimpers of ecstasy. We lay there entwined in each others arms, cuddling, chatting, kissing. Lovely.

After a while, we moved to the computer room/second bedroom to look up some book titles he was interested in and I lounged on the bed, looking over his shoulder. He said, "We're not going to get any work done today, are we?" and I said, "No." He came and cuddled with me under the covers and we talked about his wife and what was worrying him. He told me about a rekindled fling with an old flame in Columbia during which he'd had trouble performing and that he was amazed at how quickly I had aroused him. He was very happy at this development. I talked about a new man I had met and was tentatively dating. Then our passions rose again and we had sex again...intense, face-to-face sex, then we cuddled some more and he got up to take a shower. We spent almost 4 hours together.

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and a nice welcome home to WS. I'm beginning to think that he is a piece to my puzzle of my having an ideal love life. If I could have a perfect (man) combination for my emotional/sex life, it would be as described in one of my online dating profiles in answer to what I consider to be an ideal relationship. It goes as follows:

A tall gorgeous boy, 10 yrs younger, as an ornament on my arm at official functions & tireless physical activities. One large, burly mature man with household repair and mechanical skills to fix things, especially me. An older rich gentleman to lavish gifts & affection on me without reservations. And a gay best friend to help cook, clean, get groceries & associate with me when I'm w/o makeup, lacking sleep, and/or PMS'ing. Combined all in ONE man would be THE ideal relationship.

I'm just wondering if maybe three or four men would be THE solution!

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