Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm driving down to my sister's to celebrate Christmas with her. We are both in dire straits for money, so this year is all about family and not about presents at all. Giving of ourselves, our company, our good much more important than spending money we don't have.

I spent last night and this morning baking cookies to bring with me and to give to BB and my son. I called BB and said that I would be passing by on my way to Ft. Lauderdale and wanted to 'hand-off' something for him, for Christmas. (BB does his present shopping the day after xmas. I'd heard about people that do...never knew one before.) We met near the entrance to the turnpike at the Steak 'n' Shake and I gave him the container of cookies for him and his son to enjoy. (The cookie containers are round like hat boxes, covered in red felt with a black sparkle belt midway around the bottom of the container...making it look like Santa's middle. Great boxes!) BB gave me a wonderful hug and we talked for about 20 minutes, then off I went.

I texted my son on my cellphone as I drove along the Florida Turnpike at 80 mph. Shorthand & to the point...trying to meet up with him to deliver his cookie container. (Yes, it's not safe to do...but there was nobody on the road practically & I'm quite good at touch typing...I know, no excuse!!) I finally got him to agree to come out and get the cookies when I arrived at his roommates' parents' house and respectfully declined an invite to come in and meet everybody. I was already running late (it was about 8PM now and I'd told Toni I would be there by 8). My son is doing well right his divorce finally!...working for a hot-shot in Miami as IT support (lots of perks and contacts)...and has embraced the idea of meditation and manifestation, which is working wonders in his life. Many hugs...then off I go.

I finally arrived at Toni's house after a stop at the grocery store (just before they closed for xmas eve). Toni had told me she was glad I was coming down because I was so upbeat and cheery, and she needed some of that. It has become more difficult for her to love teaching since they forced her to be a second grade teacher instead of the art teacher she'd been for 16 years. We watched movies and talked until way after midnight.

I got up on Christmas morning and made breakfast. It was relaxed and we all had a comfortable feeling. My nephew and his roommate were coming at 5PM for dinner. There was no rush to get everything cooked and prepared. Plus, at the last minute of checking my email before I had left last night, I got an offer for four free tickets to the Improv. So I was taking everybody to the comedy club for Christmas night. As it turned out, James and Heather couldn't go, so I invited my son to join us. We had a wonderful time and laughed a lot. Family, laughter, good food...what more can you ask for? Merry Christmas to All!

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