Saturday, January 01, 2011


A new day, a new year, and a new decade! 1/1/11...there MUST be something significant about THAT! Skeptics will say that any day can be a new start if you decide it to be. But come on! 1-1-11!?

For me it is a new start because I decide it is. I start teaching on Wednesday and I'm teaching FIVE classes. I'm so excited and I'll be making enough money to relax a little about my finances. It has been a long struggle back from a year of unemployment. And I am very happy to be a 'professor' again, teaching undergrads. I truly LOVE teaching (anything, to anybody) but I get a great feeling of accomplishment teaching at this level. The place, people, and students are wonderful!

No matter what your circumstances, there is always room for improvement. First there was the thought, then the manifestation. The WORD, and then the LIGHT! I am grateful for all I am, all I have, and everyone I know and love. I welcome 2011 and all the possibilities!

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