Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was driving to Fort Pierce on Friday and noticed three (3) motorhomes traveling south with Quebec license plates. Fort Lauderdale is the mecca for Canandians in January.

I was going to Ft. Pierce to apply for a payday loan and reflecting on these motorhomes...these self-contained, gas-guzzling, house-on-wheels...driving south to park for a month or more in south Florida in order to avoid the crippling cold of Canada. I don't blame them!

As an acclimated Floridian (one that's lived more than 30 years in Florida...actually 42 years for me), I chose to live here. I am a "lizard" and not a "snow bunny." I spent enough time in snow, cold weather with wind blowing 35 mph and not able to wear enough clothes to keep the cold wind from cutting through the BONE! Nice to visit...not nice to live in. It is not quite far enough into the winter for it to be THE RIGHT TIME TO BE IN FLORIDA. The last week in January to the third week in February are the BEST time in Florida. It is the reason people come to Florida.

The "optimum time" of the season in Florida is what keeps the economy in Florida going for the rest of the year!! it officially runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day (Sept - May) but that is the whole "season" in Florida. There are four "optimum" weeks...and they are almost here...and so are the CANADIANS!! LOL God Bless 'em!

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