Sunday, January 02, 2011


Again my original opinion of eHarmony prevails. They were running a "free" week of communication this last week of 2010. I have been given a few survey feedback opportunities in the past year and it seems their marketing department has been listening. eHarmony actually ran a 10-day "free" communication promo, which is unheard of in the annals of money-grubbing big business. It even allowed for open communication at that time. I have taken their offer of three months for the price of one month a few times this past year due to them also offering to bill it in three payments of $19.98 per month,

Free communication up to the OPEN COMMUNICATION! I was going through the steps with a promising contact and then I got to the last of the "guided" communication. There is suppose to be OPEN communication, just like regular email except based inside eHarmony. When I clicked on open communication, I was taken to the membership advertisement page with the selection of the different payment plans. I could not get back to the last questions I had asked and he had answered. I couldn't get back to any of the previous contact. That's just calculating and devious. If I had not figured out a way to contact this man outside of eHarmony, I would have been obligated to pay for membership to continue our exchange.

eHarmony is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. They are not about people finding each other or making a connection that can be explored. It is not about happiness and love. It is all about dangling the carrot. They are DESPICABLE!

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