Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had it all planned. Two days in an upscale 3 star hotel in Orlando. BT had a 6 1/2 hour layover in the Orlando International Airport and the hotel is the top floors of the airport. How's that for convenience? I haven't seen him in two years. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. He was coming in at 9:30AM and his departure flight was at 4:30PM. I ordered breakfast for 8AM, so I could eat and then nap while waiting for him to pickup the key/card I left for him at the desk. He would come up and slip into bed with me and wake me with sensual affections. I even condescended to wear a thong and matching camisole, thinking that he would have something to "unwrap." That was the plan.

He still hadn't arrived by 10:00AM. I figured he must be held up at customs. The hotel CC channel only showed departure information. I napped some more and then it was 11:15!! I checked my email (which had been our only communication through his Blackberry since he was on the road). Had he lost my phone number?! He had sent me an email asking "Where are you?" I emailed him back. "I'm in room ### waiting for you. There's a key waiting for you at the front desk." 15 minutes later he knocked on the door. I opened the door and asked why he hadn't used his key? He said they didn't have an envelope for him at the desk...I said no, they had a key for him...He said no they didn't! I was pissed! But I didn't care, he was there! and I threw my arms around him and said, "I don't care, you're here now, I don't care!" and we kissed, and held each other. And then when we came up for air, he told me..."I didn't think you were here. I changed my flight to an earlier flight" and my heart sunk. Instead of five hours, we now had an hour and a half. He said, "It's usually impossible to change to an earlier flight, but this time it wasn't." OH JOYS! WTF!? Damn if our timing doesn't suck! Or is it just our communication?

So we made the best use of the time we had. We got naked, fell into each others arms, gave personal attention to each other and then got down to serious sex. After he came, we held each other, intertwined, and talked and sighed...deep, satisfied, comfortable sighs. Then we took a shower and soaped each other thoroughly and it was glorious. He got dressed and I came out with only a towel on my wet hair. He said, "You're naked." I said, "I am." We kissed, and he said that maybe he would get bumped from the flight and could stay over. I said I'd pray for it. We kissed...long, deep, soulful...and then at the door, just before he left, we hand on his cheek, looking deep into his eyes...I said, "love you"...and he said, "love you"...and then he was gone. An hour and a half of joy!

1:30 came and went..No news..2:00PM...I knew he was on his way back to Santo Domingo. He promised to try to make arrangements to have a longer layover soon, like overnight. He visits his uncle in Orlando once a year (with his kids) but he'd plan to slip away a day or two to see me. But that's not until August. Long distance relationships SUCK!

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