Friday, May 01, 2009


I'm here waiting. I'm looking for you. I have put myself out there on countless dating sites. I have read 20,000 profiles, written 10,000 emails and IMs. I've gone on hundreds of "first meetings" and "first dates" and dozens of second dates...had brief encounters, no encounters...made several long term friends and friends with benefits. I've broken hearts and had my heart broken.

WHERE ARE YOU? I need you to laugh with me and to make me laugh. To share secrets, hold my hand, rub my back, and say how great I cook. You were suppose to wake me up this morning with a gentle kiss on my shoulder, spooned up against me, wrapped up in your arms. And then I was suppose to rock your world. I need to give all this love and affection to you, not to mention full body massages. I was suppose to tell you how much I love you today, but you weren't here.

WHERE ARE YOU? There's a new Star Trek movie opening and I wanted to see it with you. I wanted to wash your clothes. I wanted to go shopping with you for your new shoes but you're not here. I wanted to get tickets to the baseball game, the comedy show, and the art exhibit but I can't find you to go with me. Where are you?

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